The Bookish Hermit

I really am a hermit!

The Bookish Hermit – An Introduction

Hello there! First of all thank you for checking out my blog! So, what am I all about? Well, I post bookish content – book reviews for new, old and personal favorites , book subscription box reviews, recommendations and whatever other random stuff comes to mind – there will be a lot of that! On occasion I may post stuff that is a bit more personal. I read a lot of psychological thriller, horror, fantasy and YA. I will give anything a chance though, sometimes it is nice to have a change – so if you have any recommendations I would be very interested to hear them!

The only genre I find it hard to get on with is romance – I find that most of it is predicable and just doesn’t keep me interested, maybe I am just choosing the wrong romances?

There will also be some catty content here and there! 😻

If you are an author, publisher, box subscription business or are selling bookish items, please feel free to get in touch! I would be happy to give an honest review on my blog and other social networks!

The earth is black with last night’s rain–a perfect morning for shadows

Forest Of Souls – Lori M. Lee

There is not a day or night but a doe offers her life for her kittens, or some honest captain of Owsla his life for his Chief Rabbit’s. Sometimes it is taken, sometimes it is not. But there is no bargain, for here, what is, is what must be.”

Watership Down – Richard Adams

“Everyone is guilty of something, and everyone still harbors a memory of childhood innocence, no matter how many layers of life wrap around it. Humanity is innocent; humanity is guilty, and both states are undeniably true.”

Scythe – Neal Shusterman 

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