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Magic By Mike Russell Review

Again I find myself entering the strange and wonderful world of Mike Russel, having read ‘Nothing Is Strange’ and really enjoying it, I wanted to read more from this author.

Unlike ‘Nothing Is Strange’ which is a series of short bizarre stories, ‘Magic’ has its own stand alone world which I was eager to explore! So, with the cats cuddled around me and my customary mug of tea and a selection of biscuits I began my descent into ‘Magic’.

Our main character and narrator here is called Charlie, who comes across as quite naive, slightly odd and vulnerable. He walks around in a full magician’s outfit, including a top hat. He lives in a house that used to belong to his adopted father Manzini the marvelous, who adopted him when his abusive parents passed away. 

The house itself is beautifully described and very easy to picture, there are hundreds of white rabbits hopping around everywhere, they fill every room! There are gold framed pictures of the late Manzini the marvelous, each picture telling its own story. 

The narrator speaks from a level of pure childlike innocence which makes him likeable very early on. Seeing the world through Charlie’s eyes is enough to make even the grumpiest of people smile! The character is like a guiding light in the darkness. 

Throughout the story we are treated to many bizarre happenings provoking a range of emotions, usually I’m quite good at predicting what’s coming next but with this I had no idea! Even when I did have a bit of a clue, I was wrong! Something I found partially amusing was that Charlie makes assumptions on what other characters are thinking and feeling, for example:

“You a magician then?” He asked me.

“I’m not a magician. I just love magicians so much that I like to dress like them.” 

The man laughed. You might be thinking that because he laughed he was happy, but I could tell from the way he laughed that he wasn’t. He hadn’t laughed because he was happy, he laughed because he thought I was stupid for dressing like magician. He was probably thinking: 

“I may be miserable but at least I’m not an idiot like him“ 

This is actually a very clever book, what you are reading is not really what’s happening, you need to look for the deeper meaning of what’s being said. There are many powerful messages within these pages, along with words of wisdom and I highly recommend you pick this one up. Russell has created something very special here, his ability to tell a story and provoke such raw vivid thoughts and emotions in the reader is absolutely remarkable. I could literally talk forever about this book but I don’t want to spoil it for those who are still to stumble across this work of art! 

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Jay at strangebooks for dropping this book into my life! 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“If only they’d known about magic”

One should only believe in what one knows, through experience, to be true”.

Someone standing on the earth is no less magic than someone levitating“.

Interested in learning more about Mike Russell? Check out the website below!

If you have been effected by or are suffering from any of the issues highlighted in this book, please check out the website below. Your life is worth living and there is help out there, reach out!

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