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Strange Wonders Review

Author – Mike Russell

Publisher – StrangeBooks

Genre – Short Stories/ Fantasy

Pages – 141

Format – Paperback 

Release Date – 2020

Reviewer – Me AKA #TheBookishHermit

Once more I find myself entering the weird and wacky worlds of Mike Russell, here we have another compilation of strange tales! Just when I thought things couldn’t get any stranger Russell proves me wrong with an amazing opening story called ‘Mr Marconi’s Conscious Machines’ – a story with a very clear and powerful message, told in an endearing and funny way! I found myself taking a closer look at my furniture after reading this one! 

The compilation contains twelve beautifully written stories full of hidden meanings, life lessons, wonderment and strangeness. Russell invites you to take a look around you and question what reality really is. What is this strange thing people call life? Are we all destined to become something we don’t want to be? If you are looking for the answers to some of life’s most persistent, urgent and unanswered questions, you might just find the answers that you are searching for here. Hidden between the lines on each page there is a message itching to be uncovered!

No word of a lie, this book is a must read for all! 

Some of my favourites from this collection include ‘Roots’, ‘Shopping List’, ‘Suitcase’, and ‘Stepping Stone’.

Now for my favourite story from the collection, it was hard to choose but after rereading the entire collection a second time I have finally settled on ‘Killer Coffins’ – A man and a lady are in hospital, one welcomes death, the other is terrified of death. This one speaks to the heart and has a very deep meaning along with a humorous coating. Can you imagine your coffin coming to collect you when your time on earth is up? I had visions of a coffin flying through the window shouting “come on love, your time’s up, in you get!” 

This book could be your light in the darkness! 

I’d like to say a big thank you to Jay at strangebooks for gifting me a copy of this book, and also to the author Mike Russell for being so inspiring! 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thank you for reading!

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Have an awesome day and stay safe and masked up!

Much love

#TheBookishHermit AKA Laura. xx


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