Habitat Man

Author – D. A. Baden

Publisher – Habitat Press

Genre – Rural Life Humour/ Woman’s Literary Fiction 

Pages – 364

Format – Paperback 

Release Date – September 13th 2021

Reviewer – Me AKA TheBookishHermit

Synopsis ⤵️

Worms have more purpose than Tim, and a better love life.

They break waste down into rich fertile soil; Tim just makes the rich richer. Worms copulate for three hours at a time whereas the closest thing Tim has to love is his lesbian friend Jo.

Salvation comes from Jo’s flaky niece Charlotte who asks him three profound questions. Inspired, he sheds his old life to become Habitat Man, giving advice on how to turn gardens into habitats for wildlife. His first client is the lovely Lori. Tim is smitten, but first he has to win round Ethan her teenage son.

Tim loves his new life until he digs up more than he bargained for, something that threatens to bring out all the skeletons in his cupboard.

About the Author ⤵️

Denise Baden is Professor of Sustainability at the University of Southampton and has published numerous book chapters and articles in the academic realm. She wrote the script for a musical Fidel that was performed in Southampton and London in 2016, and has written three other screenplays. This is her first novel. Habitat Man was inspired a real-life green garden consultant who helped make her garden more wildlife friendly. Denise set up the series of free Green Stories writing competitions in 2018 to inspire writers to integrate green solutions into their writing (www.greenstories.org.uk). Habitat Man began as an effort to showcase what a solution-based approach might look like, and then took on a life of its own. In between teaching and research, she is now working on the sequel.

My Review 💚

Do you care about the world? Are you keen to be green??? You certainly will be after reading this gem of a book! 

We follow our main character ‘Tim’ who decides to give up his job to live out his dream as Habitat Man, an eco-friendly super sage who advises suburban clients how to bring nature into their gardens – an interesting concept, which to begin with I wasn’t sure was going to work. I expected something preachy and Politically driven, what I got was a funny, well written story that everyone should take the time to read and appreciate! 

The book is all about humans seeing a positive future ahead, perhaps something many of us need to see right now! It’s uplifting in a way that is unique and inspiring. 

You will be keen to be seen being green! 

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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Thank you for reading!

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